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Friday, January 21, 2005


Writing: fiction and fact

Writing is something that came naturally to me. I never studied its intricacies until after I had been published many times. After-the-fact, I decided to make a study of writing and its components and discovered that I had done almost everything "wrong." However, what little I got right the first time did grab the attention of a number of publishers. Maybe they didn't learn writing in school either.

I chose to begin a blog in which I might seek a dialogue with other writers who might both teach and learn with me. Sometimes, I believe that the basic writing skills are inborn but I never gave short shrift to the acquision of knowledge as a base for all growth as a writer. I do often take umbrage with the method used in writing programs in college which use the same method to train writers as to train scientists -- the reliance on precedent. If someone tells me I write like (enter any name of writer other than one's own) and they may get the short end of a goodbye from me.

I plan to present some of my short stories here for review and/or enjoyment -- even if I am the only one who may see them. I will also present some of my writing biases as well. I would appreciate any and all feedback as long as it is written with the objective to present a point of view and not just to see your name splashed on someone else's work. The unfortunate aspect of using a public blog is that there are those who take it seriously and those who don't.

I thank you in advance for the work you may choose to do to participate in an interchange with me. I invite contact by e-mail as well (when I figure out how to post my bio). Writing, for me, is a public task. I can think for myself, I don't have to go to all the trouble of running my fingers over a keyboard, spell and grammar checking and then having the internet go on vacation just as I push the publish button and send my work into the ether.

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